According to webster Dictionary Optimization means… the act, process or methodology of making something such as design, system, or decision as fully perfect, functional or effective as possible. Keeping this in mind Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens has used OPTIMIZATION as an integral part of the manufacturing process.  They believe that each product designed by them will be part of another level of optimization when it will be utilized. That will lead to the optimization of the business and efficient staff management.


Optimization is a process to define systems for the staff to perform according to their job description, which will lead to the required outcome. Every business has the top priority set by identifying the goals and growth aspects. This priority defines the soul of the business and optimization is the mind of the business. When the soul and mind are coupled for mutual goals will result in a thriving and throbbing company in the industry who pave their path with passion, determination and dedication. Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens is amongst the one of such companies that is why they have steered their way to the top in the local and focuses on the various international markets. The legacy of their success has been defined and passed from generations up-till to the 3rd generation of recent times. They sustained in the market with sheer hard work, and commitment beyond contracts and developed their own legacy through honesty, commitment and perfection in everything they do.


Employees are the ambassadors of Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens. They are trained and worked under the guidelines of the heads so they can perform to their maximum potential. The staff is given respect and confidence to work without worrying about using wrong doings. They focus on the work and work hard to complete the given task with precision. Honest hard work, hard work and hard work…is the only thing appreciated at PakeezaCommercial Kitchens. The staff follows the footsteps of their leaders. As it is human nature to sense the wrong doings before they could identify the right way to work soat Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens the staff is given freedom with a strong trust in them that doesn’t let them lose their focus from hard work and they don’t seek short cuts. Rather they put in extra efforts to complete the task with exactness given by the head of the department. They carry honesty, hard work, dedication, and passion like medals on their chest.

The staff has a behavior checklist from the directors being the role models for them. The legacy of honesty, passion, dedication, and determination to excel are the trades that trickle down from top to bottom. These qualities are in still in the staff by recognizing them and rewarding them as part of the unwritten job description.


There are no right people for the right jobs. There are people with a set of skills and degrees in their hands and some may have some experience of work but that doesn’t make them right for the job. It is the journey that starts after they are hired that proves their metal. During the tenure of the job the way the employee showcase their progress through time makes them the right person for that position. Pakeeza Commercial Kitchen’s HR Department has this knowledge and selects or shortlists the candidates who will be the right people for the jobs. Then they give time to settle in and follow the standard guidelines to work accordingly. A journey will be started to grow as a person and employee in their area of expertise.


Optimization of equipment is defined as perfecting the product to the level that it will work without hindrance and produce the required result in the given time. The product is the outcome of the perfected design, physical structure and latest technology compliance.

At these three stages and levels of manufacturing demands careful attention to details so the final product will be excellent equipment. That will suit the customer’s needs and cater to the booming commercial kitchen for long durability.


Design is the first part to perfect. Design will determine the end product so if the design is perfected then the rest will be excellent. Design of a commercial kitchen product requires lots of attention to the detailed drawings. Then finding the right elements to construct will ensure the durability and results. That is why Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens takes great responsibility in designing the product from scratch so the final product will serve to the expectations.We have brand partners around the world to manufacture products that matches the world-class standards.


Technology is the most rapidly changing in the 21st century. Architecture, Mobile, IT, Automobiles, Computers, Cosmetics, and much more are rapidly changing and bringing new technology to ease the customers’ life.  So equipment for the commercial kitchens is also changing rapidly keeping the requirements of different cuisine and food preparations in mind. It includes different systems used in the hospitality industry. From a small café to a large business of a restaurant demands and services are changing 24/7. The demands to provide comfort and timed services to the customers make technology development a serious concern. Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens has cater to this aspect by collaborating with the Italian and German companies in general and with as many as possible to maintain world-class standards from the design to the final product. All the products are manufactured locally according to world-class standards.


The physical design and materials are used in collaboration with international partner companies. Anglopo, Henny Penny, Macpan, Brema, Comenda, Evinoks, Bezzera, Eurotec Riga, Hatco, Prince Castle, Zomoval, Martellato, Morella Forni, Robot Coupe, Santos, Zanolli, Unox, BravilorBonamat, Gelmatic, ISA, Frigomat, Bravo, Scholl, Anvil, Frilich,Warng, Hatco, Roller Grill, Bras, PSV, Cambro, Cefla, Rational Production, Ronda, Asian Line, Rotondi, IPSO, Imesa, Italclean, Lavezzini, Valoriani, Power Line, Vulcan, HDS are our International brand partners whom Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens had been working hand in hand to represent and distribute their products in Pakistan’s market. The list is long and spread over three decades up till to date. In order to excel in their business by following international standards made they collaborate with so many international brand partners. Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens is participating in Golfood and Trade Fair 2022 UAE, so to secure a place in an international business fair to showcase their brand. This will help us to interact and engage with International clients.

Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens has reached to the point where they exist with a legacy to stage. Legacy of constant progress with a diversified portfolio, overcoming hurdles and nothing has stopped them from reaching the top of the Hospitality Industry. The journey is still in progress with strong motivation to excel.