cold rooms

cold rooms

Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens COLD LINE has products that will ease your job with a professional touch. They have a long list of equipment suitable and efficient to satisfy all the needs of any type of commercial kitchens. They have a cold line with products that will help to organize your cold room with ease and complete the job with finesse.


They are spaces reserved for the stock of food supplies, which should be kept in a fridge or freezer without taking up space in the commercial kitchen area. Medium to large-scale food outlets needs to keep the required quantities of meat, vegetables and dairy products for a daily use. Double door commercial up-rite has 1400 Liters capacity and 10 sqft footprint with 1200 Watts energy consumption. A cold room of 8×8 feet has 64 sqft footprint and capacity of 14000 liters with 2700 Watts. Itis 1000% more productive with only 125% extra energy consumption to suitable for large spaces and to satisfy large food chain needs.


The 21st Century has seen scarcity of resources as a major concerns around the world. People are facing problems while getting basic necessities with difficulty. There are many products which are used up and needs of the humans are not satisfied still. So many alternatives are produced in order to replace them but ultimately the solution came with the understanding of saving our earthy resources namely water, land, animals & plants. This demands changing the habits of human’s choices from factory products to organic products. Secondly, to save our Earth at all costs by reducing pollutions of various types. This will lead to a different life style, which will suit to sustain green earth with less pollution of various types.

Since COVID 19 took its toil on the world economy and after 3 waves already taken the cost around the world. This made the hospitality and many other industries to seek efficient solution that isthe cold room facility forfood, medicines and other products’ supply chain. As with the recent experience of shortage due to social distancing and isolation made the availability of food, medicines and other products difficult. Many businessescouldn’t survive the attack of COVID 19 so the food, medicines and other products supply chains is the efficient and logical solution for the food service and many other industries. The Commercial Kitchen without a cold room is incomplete. Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens has introduced cold room fixers in 2 sizes; 8x8x8 and 10x10x8 feet. They are easy to install and uninstall without damage and 100% recovery of all panels.



PakeezaCommercial Kitchens has Cold Rooms Products that can help to organize your kitchens. The shelves are non-magnetic food grade stainless steel racks that are used for cold and dry storage in a kitchen. The weight that each shelf is able to hold is 50 kg. These racks are made of 18 swg grade stainless steel. The welding is done to protect the area from deterioration. L-type legs for the shelves are made up of 1 ½”x1 ½”. Perfectly bolted and can be disassembled. That’s make these shelves a perfect addition to the cold room of your commercial kitchen.


Polyethylenedoors are available either used single or double which way suitable. They are to separate different areas of production where it is important to maintain strict hygienic standards. Widely used in restaurants, supermarkets, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and hospitals. Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens produces door leaf in Polyethylene with a thickness of 20 mm and a crash and corrosion proof material that will require very little maintenance. The spring system available in these doors makes them open and close automatically.


The panels are consist of cells and each cell is made of a galvanized pre painted, ribbed steel of 200 micron. There is the insulation of Polyurethane 50mm to 150 mm with a density of 42kg/m3. All the joints are sealed and covered with stainless steel inside out to ensure no leakage. There are lights provided inside the boxes along with temperature devices.


The Cold line machinery by PakeezaCommercial Kitchens is available at our outlets in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.  Some of the products include:


The structure is made of all steel 0.9mm. All the controls are Italian or German. Polyurethane insulation is available in 40kg/m3. Static cooling is possible with 134A refrigerant gas. This product is a space saver as it has a counter which can be used for working or cooking underneath the prep and cold storage. We have an indoor drawers model to suit the needs of the food chains.


The structure is manufactured with Stainless Steel 0.9mm. All the parts are Italian or German. Polyurethane Insulation of 40Kg/m3. Sliding Doors on top with 404A refrigerant gas. This is the best product for the fried chicken outlets as it provides easy access to the ingredient FRIES, which is a must to serve with a fried chicken menu.


Made of 18/22 SWG non-magnetic stainless steel. Food grade welding ID is done to protect from deterioration. High-performance & energy efficient compressors of DANFOSS from Germany are used. This table has movable and lockable wheels with a diameter of 5”. Pans and inserts of many different sizes can be used according to the requirement. Waste trays can be fixed in the center or on the sides. Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens had developedits first Cold Prep Table for MCR Pakistan commonly known PIZZA HUT outlets in early 2000. This became a hot cake since then for every commercial kitchen from cold lines to pick up lines. We produce Cold Prep Table for established Pizza chains nationwide and international ones as well.

Check out the products offered by Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens on the website Organizing the layout and the right kind of products are the key to a high-yielding commercial kitchen. The catalogues are also provided on the website for your reference to choose from a long list of products for your commercial kitchen’s cold room. There are eight main different types of catalogues that products are listed under.