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Pakeeza is our 3rd Generation Brand, with a Pioneer Status of introducing Production of Commercial and Industrial Kitchens in Pakistan from its very first manufacturing facility situated in Gulberg Industrial Area Lahore in 1980.


Iqbal Engineering Company is known for its professionalism in making Restaurant Kitchens in Pakistan. Our company is manufacturing a vast range of Kitchens for Hotels in Lahore. We are providing our best expertise for Hotel Kitchens in Pakistan. Our quality, commitment, and experience give us a standing of being the #1 Commercial Kitchen Manufacturers.


Our commercial kitchen in Karachi is specifically for the purpose of preparing food for commercial use, such as in restaurants, hotels, or catering services. These kitchens typically have industrial-grade equipment, large refrigeration units, and ample storage space to accommodate the high volume of ingredients and finished products.

Our Showroom in Karachi covers the South Region market with complete sales & service support for our products.


Restaurants are dominated by Authentic cuisines – Fusion cuisines and QSR, Therefore particularly to provide a solution, we have a portfolio of 36 International Top Brands Representation with Nation Wide Operation and  Support in order to cover 100% segment on a very professional level in Karachi Pakistan.


Our Showroom in Islamabad covers the North Region market with complete sales & service support of our products.


Our Showroom in Lahore covers the Center Region market with complete sales & service support of our products.


The hotel industry is one of the fastest-growing concerns in the world. Apart from the evolution in cooking, recipes, and style, a revolution in the field of cooking equipment has occurred. Iqbal Engineering Company (IEC) has developed integral technological expertise for the Pakistani Hotel Industry. Through years of practical market research, we have refined particular standards, customized to Pakistani requirements. Furthermore, we have improved upon foreign technology to fulfill the needs of Pakistani clientele.

Our expert engineers and dedicated workers have created appliances, especially suitable for the needs of hotels and fast-food restaurants here. The methodical expansion of the variety of appliances and their excellent performance has resulted in their eager acceptance by our worthy customers, which has manifested itself in our unmitigated success. We will always continue to maintain our standards of excellence with new improvements for better results. Now we have extended our scope of services even to the domestic clientele. To meet the requirements of our clients to their full satisfaction, apart from our own products, we have acquired the sole distribution rights of several of the world’s renowned brands.

IEC is a Pioneer in Commercial Kitchens in Pakistan. Moreover, IEC is well known for satisfying customers due to its team of experts. The company specializes in restaurants and the hotel industry. A recent development is that IEC is putting in maximum effort to export this equipment to different countries through its trading wing. Besides, Iqbal Engineering Company is a corporate parent of SEVEN Frigo. The merger was provisionally agreed upon in 2009. Mergers and acquisitions have one corporate strategy, aims, and targets within Pakistan. The international quality equipment will be manufactured here in Pakistan under the legal merging of IEC.


  • Kitchen Designing & Consultation
  • Laundry Designing and Consultation
  • Residential Grease Kitchens Designing and Consultation
  • BBQ Areas Designing and Consultation
  • Banquet Designing and Consultation
  • Buffet Designing and Consultation
  • Supermarket Designing and Consultation
  • Cold Chain and Cold Rooms Designing and Consultation
  • Custom Made Kitchen Equipment
  • Custom Made Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Custom Made Display Counters (Hot & Cold)
  • Custom Made Buffet Counters
  • Custom Made Kitchen Ventilation – Exhaust & Fresh Air Systems
  • Custom Made Cold Room Doors and Cold Vehicles

We at  Pakeeza believe in high quality and best performance. With over 50 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Our focus product lines are :

  • Cold Rooms and Cold Vehicles
  • BBQ and Professional Grilling Ovens and Grills 

pakeeza commercial kitchen

At Pakeeza, we manufacture Commercial Kitchens and all kinds of Cooking Ranges, Fryers, Pressure Fryers, Grills, Griddles, Potato Peelers, Potato Cutters, Ovens, Dough Mixers, Coffee Steamers, Salad Bars, Under Counter Refrigerators, Buffet Counters, Upright Fridges/Freezers, Shawarma Machines & more, besides customized Exhaust Hoods, Working Tables, Sink Tables, Wall Shelves and Racks according to your need and requirement.

Pakeeza Commercial Kitchen

  • Our Mission

    To achieve excellence in the hospitality equipment sector throgh product and process inovation.

  • Our Vision

    To become the First Choice of hospitality equipments in local and international markets by quality excellence.

  • Our Role

    Iqbal Engineering Company is well known for satisfying customers through its expert team from designing a project to delivering a project.
    Iqbal Engineering Company is a One-Stop solution for your hospitality need. Our priority is to offer the best services to the hospitality industry as well as to the Health Care Industry. The company provides unmatched quality products to its valued customers.


Lahore is the most historical city in Pakistan, Pakeeza started its journey for manufacturing Commercial Kitchen Equipments from its very first manufacturing facility situated in Gulberg Industrial Area in 1980.

IEC specializes in kitchen and cold room engineering in Pakistan besides being the most professional and reliable kitchen equipment supplier in Pakistan. Pakeeza is among the most reputed companies.

Iqbal Engineering Company is a corporate parent of SEVEN Frigo and is one of the oldest ENGINEERING COMPANIES IN LAHORE. Pakeeza Commercial Kitchen is symbol of best kitchen engineering in Pakistan

Iqbal Engineering Company is providing kitchen accessories in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad through company-operated display centers. Moreover, Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens has high-level expertise in commercial refrigeration in Pakistan with the collaboration of an Italian joint venture.


Commercial Kitchens in Karachi is our main focused product for our clients. Whether it is a hotel, restaurant, club, cafe, or any other corporate company, our Commercial Kitchens display in Karachi brings a better experience for you. Our experts give you world-class Commercial / Industrial Kitchen equipment and assistance in Karachi.

As the economic and cultural hub of Pakistan, Karachi is home to a thriving food industry. From street food vendors to fine dining establishments, there is a diverse range of culinary experiences to be had in this bustling metropolis. One key factor that determines the success of any restaurant is its commercial kitchen. Pakeeza Commercial Kitchen is ready to set up and run a successful commercial kitchen in Karachi.

  1. Commercial Kitchens in Islamabad

Islamabad is not only the Capital city but the most beautiful city in Pakistan. Pakeeza proudly presents its services to this city through its display in Islamabad. Pakeeza Kitchens is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel Commercial Kitchens in Islamabad.  Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens is the most trusted brand in the field of Kitchen Equipment for Hotels, Restaurants, and Supermarkets.

Kitchen design in Pakistan

The design of kitchens in Pakistan is typically influenced by traditional and cultural styles, while also incorporating modern elements and appliances. Some common features of kitchens in Pakistan include:

  1. Tiled or marble countertops: Marble and tile are popular materials for countertops in Pakistani kitchens.
  2. Built-in cabinets: Built-in cabinets provide ample storage space and are a common feature in Pakistani kitchens.
  3. Gas stoves: Most homes in Pakistan use gas stoves for cooking, so kitchens are often designed to accommodate this type of appliance.
  4. Sink: A sink is an essential part of any kitchen, and it’s common to see sinks in Pakistani kitchens that are made from stainless steel or other durable materials.
  5. Mosaic or geometric patterned flooring: Mosaic or geometric patterned flooring is a common choice for kitchens in Pakistan, adding a decorative touch to the space.
  6. Bright colors: Bright colors such as green, yellow, and red are often used in Pakistani kitchens to add a pop of color and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Overall, the design of kitchens in Pakistan is a blend of traditional and modern styles, with an emphasis on functionality and practicality.