Commercial Kitchen is the place with multitude of operations and fully assisted with high tech products to ease the workers’ ability to cope with the stress of the day-to-day business demands. If you are opening a new branch or a start-up you must consider PakeezaCommercial Kitchens products to enhance productivity. Before we go into the scope of “PRODUCTIVITY” we must see the scope as a single outcome of great business.


This is something everyone seeks and has a different version of a story to tell. The goals are set to achieve a great business varies person to person. Some will set money-oriented goals, for some business is a social community job or for some a responsible business is a goal not to skip at any cost. No matter what is the goal but producing the results is the biggest goal amongst them all.

At this point results mean outcomes through logical systems of conducting a business. Hospitality industry has grown into a large diversifiedcommunity merged in different industries e.g. food, farming, interiors,architecture, transportation and many more. This has placed extreme pressure to sustain your business as well as to excel in the services offered by your company.

Restaurants, café, bakery, bars and live kitchen or part of a kitchen and much more variety has createdcut-throat competition amongst the rivals.  Keeping this in focus makes us not to forget an element of PRODUCTIVITY.


  • How to achieve it?
  • What to do so not to lose it from sight?
  • How to sustain a business in a competitive environment and keep productivity alive?

All these questions and much more comes to your mind when thinking about Productivity. Lets forget for some time the competitive business environment and focus on the element of productivity.

Productivity means to do things in a way that it will produce results set by you, BUT in the process everyone who will be part of that business will gain from the process. Not only in terms of money but also in terms of skills, knowledge and ability to stay focused during pressures and dead-ends. Perseverance is the only tool to gain from dead-ends. So lets see how we can be productive while generating results.


We, humans are part of our families, our societies and larger communities around the world. We have multiple responsibilities to perform as being part of the three main circles of ourselves. First, is our families as a sibling then our own family with kids, the second circle is the relatives& friends. Then comes our work related people those are staff and customers. Later come the larger communities of the world.

Being productive means to feel the responsibility towards these people in any context we will be engaged with them. Especially when comes to the business point of view. Business is the place we spend most of the time, is the most valuable in terms of productivity and outcomes. Our lives and all those who are dependent upon us will be catered to from our work.  So lets see how we can make the difference in what we do for living? How do we do it? And how we look at ourselves while doing it?


1. The need to look at the items needed to set up your commercial kitchen. This will help youto stay focused on the productivity by keeping the systems simple and on rotation.

2. Commercial kitchen systems may include: Taking orders

  • Inform the chef
  • The order will go to the preparations stage
  • Till it is served hot to the customers

3. The commercial kitchen layout should be planned in keeping this cycle of cooking in the restaurant. This will lead to the cleaning and maintenance processes as well.

4. While thinking about the setting up the systems then comes the cleaning and maintenance. During the whole work time, staff or customers shouldn’t be left without work or food. Their involvement should be so planned that not a single worker left idle and not a single customer waiting long enough to leave the table. Rather to have a long queue outside waiting for their turn to be served.

5. Pakeeza Commercial Kitchens products suitable for a medium to large scale Hotels, Restaurants, QSR, and International Chains.Whatever hospitality business you have, we have it all. From fryers, cold and hot lines, bakeries or bars, and much more check our catalogs on our website

6. We plan your kitchens keeping your need in mind. We keep a closer look on the productivity, as that is the ultimate goal of our nationwide sales and service support for commercial kitchens through company operated display centers and offices in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.(

7. We offer quality and productivity to our clients that make them to be a part of our customer bank developed over a long time sustained in the local and international markets. We believe in long-term relationships rather to have a one-time business.

8. Our after service agreement is the key to our highest sales. We take full responsibility to check and guarantee the products’ functionality as per standards.


We believe in productivity from the moment our customers come to purchase our products. That is why we offer excellent briefing regarding our products. We have a long list of clients amongst international chains operating and want to explore Pakistan’s market. That is why our next milestone is to participate in the Gulf Host 2022. We will be present in the Stand E-31at Gulf Host 2022 from November 8 to till 10, 2022 in Za’abeel Hall 2. We have superseded in the local market related to commercial kitchen products. We have maintained quality standards to capture markets and clients around the world which is why we are participating in the Gulfood 2022 to showcase our presence internationally and sustain international “Quick Service Restaurants” QSR customers in our first phase.

We believe that a good business is based on productivity in terms of what we do? How we do it? With whom we do it? From the design to the creation our products are extremely productive for our customers and us. Productivity is the running blood in our company for our staff, customers, and directors. We are the productive company in terms of the results and outcomes for our staff and customers alike.